Pancrase vs. Team Quest 2/6


PANCRASE vs Team Queat
SHIBUYA Osami(PANCRASE Ism)vs Art Santore


OOISHI Kouji(PANCRASE Ism) vs Heath Simms

More matches to be announced...

"Nasen Quory"

Is that Nathan Quarry?

I'm sure it is Sovann. Is Art Santore training with Team Quest now? I wonder if this is the card that Chael will be fighting on that caused him to pull out of the Steibling fight?

They need to get Leben on this card as well. I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the guys who've only fought locally too.

ttt for more info! Can't beleive this is a dead topic

They should try to get Tanner, Lindland, or Henderson too. There are some damn good pancrase fighters, no?

I don't see Tanner, Lindland, or Henderson fighting in pacrase any time soon. Although I guess if any of those had a change at being on the card it would be Tanner cause he has fought in Pancrase before.

bradu: "Is Art Santore training with Team Quest now?"

He trains with Dan down here in SoCal...

Team Quest is known for haveing good wrestlers and thats good for the UFC and Pride......Sadly Pancrase is more in tune with submissions.

Team Pancrase wins this hands down The only Team Quest member that has ok Sub skills is Tanner and thats ok at best.

Perhaps, coming from a BJJ background, I am biased. However, I think that most seasoned wrestlers/bjj fighters can neutralize many of the Japanese ground skills, which is submission first, not positioning.

Having said that, Team Quest should do very well, as they will be able to outposition them, and G/P them.


"Team Pancrase wins this hands down The only Team Quest member that has ok Sub skills is Tanner and thats ok at best."

You don't need to win by sub to win a fight. Team Quest has a couple guys who haven't hit the big time yet who are well versed in subs, mainly Dennis Davis. I'm curious to see if he ends up on this card, he told me about a month ago that they were trying to get him a fight early in 2004 on a card that some other Quest guys were fighting on as well.

Most of TQ's guys don't try to win fights by sub, but they do know how to avoid subs. I don't think we'll see the big 4 from TQ on this card, but even still I think it will be great to show the talent that Team Quest has coming up.

Ryan Schultz is another guy who very well may fight on this card.

He would do well but I'm not sure his fight style would win him many fans in Japan...

only a couple weeks away from this...any more info?

It's going to be a 3 on 3, so no Schultz or Davis on this card.I believe this is the entire card:2 round fights:
Miki Shida vs. Mitsuhisa Sunabe (featherweight, 141 lbs)
Hideki Tadao vs. Keigo Takamori (super heavyweight)
3 round fights:
Koji Oishi vs. Heath Sims (welterweight, 165 lbs)
Eiji Ishikawa vs. Nathan Quarry (middleweight, 181 lbs)
Osami Shibuya vs. Art Santore (light heavyweight, 200 lbs)
Kiuma Kunioku vs. Kazuo Misaki (middleweight, 181 lbs)Plus a Pancrase Gate (amateur) fight before the pro fights begin...The Kunioku/Misaki main event is very interesting.

While we're talking about Pancrase, here's the February 15 card:2 round fights:
Yohei Tagami vs. (dontknowfirstname) Fujimoto (featherweight, 141 lbs)
Daisuke Hanazawa 13 vs. (dontknowfirstname) Miyata (welterweight, 165 lbs)
Yuji Oba vs. Satoshi Watanabe (lightweight, 152 lbs)
3 round fights:
Satoru Kitaoka vs. Yasuyuki "Otoko!" Tokuoka (welterweight, 165 lbs)
Takafumi Ito vs. Yuji Hoshino (welterweight, 165 lbs)
Yoshiro Maeda vs. Alexandre "Soca" de Freitas (featherweight, 141 lbs)Plus 3 Pancrase Gate (amateur) matches before the pro fights begin.Maeda vs. Soca will be the first ever featherweight main event in Pancrase. Maeda is the guy who recently KO'd Baret. Soca was the ADCC 98 champion, and runner up in 99 and 2000.Tokuoka is another fighter to jump from Shooto to Pancrase. :(

Thanks for the info. I'm kinda bummed though, there's plenty of other Team Quest fighters who would be great on a card like this. Davis, Schultz, Leben, Sonnen...not to mention Henderson, Tanner, Lindland. Who wouldn't want to see Henderson-Kondo?!

Sounds great. Excited to see how Soca does in his first MMA fight. I know the Barra Combat Team is trying to do some big things. Props to Art Santore for getting a fight in Japan. Always good to see some Local talent make the jump from KOTC to something bigger.