Pangea Fights this Friday!

Come out this Friday to the Hollywood Palladium for a great night of fights!  After the fights there will also be a huge after party sponsored by Mean Magazine at the Spider Club in Hollywood!  This is one event you don't want to miss!!  Go to for more info about the event and to see all the fighter's interviews! 

Thanks for your support!

Pangea Fights


see you at the fights and at the afterparty


G-hands for sure!! You are also invited to the weighins if you like. We have a couple of the fighters that really don't like each other:) It might me worth coming down to see!

what a great card!!! I will be out of town..... SH!t!!!!

are there front row tickets available still? I saw a posting saying that front row was sold out??

Good luck Chambers, Epstein, and Conor! I'm gonna go with Chambers by left hook K.O., Epstein by a standing submission, and Conor by K.O. slam.....if not, Chambers by whatever submission he wants, Epstein by spinning back kick K.O., and Conor by some sort of strangulation or armbar.

Front row tickets are sold out.. We still have some 3rd and 4th row tickets available though!!

Love the interview with Rafael "Rafazilla" Ramos!!


I can't wait to see Rafael and Tony Gomez lock up in the cage!!!  It's going to be nutz!!!! Someone's getting knocked the F out in this one!!

Boa03- how much are 3rd row seats running, I just need one?

See y'all there.

i cant make the fucking weigh ins, but i will be there to watch my boys kick some ass

$100 for 3rd row

best of luck!!!!!!!

just need one ticket, for a girl, but one who knows the sport :_)


I have 4 $100 seats if any body want's them.  or call (909)883-7273

I hope someone has the guts to say something to CUO's face at Pangea.

Not likely to happen.