(Pangea) Jason Chambers interview.


Jason Chambers talking about his fight against Jimmy Smith! 


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So what kind of fighter is Chambers?Decent?Sucks?Next belt holder?What?

he use to train with Joe Goytia here in chicago, I guess a move to California is good for him.... I don't know what ever happened to Joe thou???? A JKD guy............

Chambers has some good skills. He was suppossed to fight Spencer Fisher at UFC 60, but he had to pass due to another opportunity. Their not gonna put anyone up against Spencer that sucks, so I guess we can say that Jason Chambers is a contender.


He's no Scott Epstein, but he's pretty good.


Chambers is legit. He's got some good standup, and his groundwork and subs are really good. He trains with Eddie Bravo now.

more importantly, he trains with Mr. Checkuroil.

oh yeah... that too.



peeks in head


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yes get them.

6 more days!