Parents Brawl at game

Not sure if this video has been posted, but I found it when looking for another video.

I really hope that Joe guy gets knocked out sometime. Pretty sad stuff.


Yea I think Joe was just hitting aneone he could. I really wish someone would have knocked him out.


1 count of "Elderly Abuse"?  I didn't know there was such a thing.

So who is Joe Saracho, and why is he such an asshole?

Funny thing, for someone who doesn't even know how to hold his hands he hits pretty accurately.

For this reason, a lot of youth sports organizations have banned the crowds from yelling to the players (unless it's to cheer a score) or approaching the field

that's what tito was charged with after beating ken...

ttt for later

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I swear that is Tank in there.

ridiculous! A melee once broke out during a bball game at my high school and the brother of one of our players came on to the court to restrain people. While he held an opposing player from behind, his little brother teed off on him. He wasn't charged with anything!


Somebody tell me our friend Joe has since been killed.