Paris Live Feed

For those interested, there's a live video feed of the Paris Open going on now. Watching 81kg as I write.

Link below, then click the color picture in to top right corner.


This is the 2003's live?

..and I thought this was another Paris Hilton video :)

It looks like Frazer Will may have taken 5th in the 60k . Thanks for the link

Like I indicated, I don't know how to read French. The updated brackets are on the link below and if you click the live tv link it takes you to the first link I referred. I'm assuming that it this year based on the brackets.

Thanks for posting this, ill be watching it til its over..

decent ne-waza exchanges in this match...both want the sacrafice throw:)

margoshvili from georgia signed an incredible counter to ippon against larbi ben boudaod , he attacekd with a ton pick ups ( he did kind of a hybrid morote gari te guruma ive never sen before ) that was nice!

The feed is still going on ... France X Japan -91 kg, French kept going for triangle and armbars while on the ground til he got ipponed.