so i hope some of you guys have seen District B13 or the beginning chase scene in the new Bond movie. it involves parkour..basically the sport of being able to get from one place to another in the most direct and fastest way. it involves alot of running..climbing..grip strength..balance...and they train primarily using plyometrics. im curious to see how this might add to a fighters ability in cardio and strength.



PK isn't a sport. It's about "flow" and riddum and "style". As such, if it were a sport, it would suck for cardio, and if it was for cardio, it would be quite dangerous. You just can't beat fight training for cardio, and why would you want to?


Looks like a risky way for a fighter to work on cardio. Fight training has it's own inherent risks why add to it it by tearing around the city jumping/climbing over/around/through obstacles you could simply run around.