passing guard book vs bolo tapes

i already have bolo's tapes, is there much overlap between these? should i have both? how do they differ (aside from the medium obviously)? thanks.


BTW- do many of you pull the belt as Bolo does are stay stiff with your hand/arm on the pant leg

The book has more kinds of passes in it than Bolo's tape. However, the depth of the passes Bolo presents is beyond what is possible to show in a book.

If you're looking for more info on the specific passing system Bolo presents, the book probably won't help much (though it might give you some additional ideas/places to explore).

If you're looking for more kinds of passes, the book is great.


I will grab the belt if the belt is there. If there is no belt, I will grab the pants. If there are no pants, and it ain't a chick, as Bolo said, I will wonder WTF they are doing and get the hell out.

No Gi, where pant grabbing is illegal, I will brace as best I can under the ribs.

Rene.r, does your hand position change at all in no gi where pant grabbing is illegal? Do you use the "steering wheel" principal as Bolo suggests? I am having problems with some guys who actively grab my wrists and try ro break my posture.

And do you a staggered setup or keep both hands by the ribs?


The reason I ask, is because I have been shown a few different philosophies.

Originally, I was grabbing the belt... I liked it. It's said that it helps to elimintae open guard somewhat because you can keep them a little tighter when need be.

The grabbing the pant option was ust shown to me because they felt that by grabbing the belt you were keeping him too close and not giving yourself enough room to open the guard or "let him open the guard."

Where'd my reply go??


It looks like there's too different scholls of thought.

I talked to Lloyd about it as well and his guys grab the pants at the crease of the leg

Let's try again. No Gi is slippery so any posture is difficult. I sometimes try to posture by pushing into the ribs, sometimes with the one hand near throat, other on hips... I'm a beginner though...