Patricky 'Pitbull' Freire = Thiago Alves

Are they related?

Same clean kicks, same style boxing and both are freakin' fast

I like Patricky....dude has some fucking power!!


 Anybody crying about Bellator having nobody good for Alvarez to fight just got shut up pretty good

that knee was brutal

GIF anyone?

Patricky is a dangerous match up for Alvarez who is vulnerable to leg kicks

I think Patricky's offensive grappling looks to be better than Thiago too... It looked really good in the first round against Razor Rob.


Very impressed with Patricky. Phone Post

TheSaver - Too many Pitbulls in MMA

Indeed when he brainstormed names was he like, hmmm i havent seen pitbull used yet or associated with MMA yet, yup sounds good!

 LOL at this win on Patricky's record:

 Win Guns n Roses KO FSLB - Fight Ship Looking Boy 2 11/22/2005 3 N/A