Paul Claims Diaz ‘Ducked $10 Million Offer’ to Rematch in MMA After Getting ‘Dog-Walked’ in Boxing

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Nate Diaz had a $10 million offer to rematch Jake Paul in MMA.

Unfortunately, the former UFC welterweight headliner turned it down, according to “The Problem Child.” Perhaps the boxing match they had back in August — which ended in favor of the blonde bomber — had Diaz second-guessing his abilities.

“We’re at the drawing board right now. Nate Diaz ducked the $10 million offer, so he’s not the badass that everyone said he was,” Paul told TMZ Sports. “I wanted to fight him in MMA and do something that no boxer has really ever done, which is, in the prime of their career, go over to MMA. MMA fighters have gone over to boxing, but I want to go over to MMA and Nate Diaz ducked the offer.”

MMA Nate All Damn Day

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If this is true then Nate must have tons of money already because $10 million is a lot to turn down.

With Paul’s wresting background and better boxing skills I would of favoured him in that match.

Diaz always seems to just want to stand and bang most of the time when he fights anyway.


Diaz knows that he will get lit up like a Christmas tree against the Disney star in the rematch.

He felt Paul’s strength during the boxing match,and knows that Paul has a background in wrestling.

Diaz knows he can get to the clinch,but won’t be able to take the Disney star down.When Diaz starts butt flopping like a bitch,Jake will just backoff & avoid the ground game.

LMMFAO @ the dick tuck.

Jake paul is a phag

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Jake was a good wrestler? Really?

I didn’t say he was a good wrestler but he was certainly a lot better than Diaz at it when they were both in high school.

Jake qualified for some shit in Ohio ( like an All-American or some shit) And Ohio or Ohio State is one of the major power houses in collegiate wrestling.


Thanks I couldn’t remember what he had done outside of high school when I wrote that.

The advantage definitely lies with Jake in an MMA match IMHO.

Jake always trying to fight someone much smaller than him.

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Weird. Little ass AJ Agazarm took him down at will lol. And AJ isn’t anything amazing in the grappling scene


Give Paul one year of MMA training & I believe that he takes Nate’s lunch money.


I would take a an out of shape, no training camp Diaz in mma

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The Disney star did say that if they did clinch,that he would just pick Nate up and body slam him.

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He prob turned it down as he will most likely resign with UFC and get the trilogy fight with Conor and prob make triple the amount with the Conor fight as opposed to the fight with a YouTuber



Reason: because I’m stupid!

Yes but why not take the Jake MMA fight, lets say in Dec. then resign?