paul daley v yves edwards ...

who takes it ?

Yves by experience and a more rounded game. Paul is good, no doubt - but Yves is alot more seasoned and skilled. I think his hands are better than Paul's.

would be a beautiful fight.

Yves is back?!

EliteXC Showtime sponsorship

Paul is soon to be embarking on a new venture with Showtime TV promotion EliteXC with his first fight June 22nd. Showtime is a premium US cable channel with 18million subcribers. EliteXC events are aired Prime time in the USA.

Already one of the most notable and talented fighters in the UK, Current Cage Rage British and FX-3 World welterweight champion (With No1 ranking UK, and Europe) Paul has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and TV programmes.

We are looking for a 3 fight/ 1year FINANCIAL sponsorship package for EliteXC events only. Paul will wear merchandise/affix logo's for all EliteXC fights and Promotional work, as long as a suitable amount and varity of clothing is provided for himself and corner team.

If intrested please contact