Paul Daley vs. Josh Koscheck in May or June

i think this is an awesome fight, its obvious Koscheck needs to take Daley down, if not then hes going to sleep. Im going for Daley if the fight gets booked because he is quickly becoming one of my favorites, i love the way he pisses people off, and his attitude and the way he talks sh*t is awesome.

Really bad matchup for Daley, unless Koshcheck does something stupid, like not immediately taking him down.

I would love to see Daley matched up with Thiago Alves, that would be something.

this fight will be very entertaining if daley can prevent the takedown

this fight will be very boring if daley can not prevent the takedown

 If Kos gets the takedown he'll most likely either get the sub, or pound the ever loving shit out of Daley like he did to Chris Lytle.

Daley wants to show us his new and improved takedown defense, or so he says. I see him on his back and pounded out easily.

 shame we have to wait so long for this...

but i suppose they want to save it for the next uk card which makes sense.

 im sure&nbsp; koscheck will get a warm reception from the fans?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; .......hehe<br />
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hopefully the fight will be at the &quot;Trent fm arena&quot; in nottingham(daleys hometown)&nbsp;,&nbsp;its a perfect venue for the ufc &amp; im sure there would be a great atmosphere&nbsp;<br />
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I think koscheck will end up exchanging&nbsp;blows with daley at some point ,leading to a KO in daley
s favour?


Im hoping Koscheck decides to stand n' wang.

 is the winner next in line for a title shot?

 i wasnt impressed with daley, he was losing that fight until the left. if haze would of just stuck to the kicks he would of kept winning and who knows what would of happened. i think daley is stil green in terms of fighting ufc caliber people. kos and gsp would both pick him apart with the wrasslin

Kos is your typical stand and wang'er. Incredible grappler that has a few KO voctories under his belt.

All Daley needs to do is shit talk how crap his striking is to try and bait him in to 'proving a point'

I love that gif just the ref's(shonie?) reaction

kos takes fight to the ground or gets ko'd

PembrokePinesVillain -  i wasnt impressed with daley, he was losing that fight until the left.

lol DMotUG

Didn't most have Rumble favored over Koscheck, too?


In the beginning of Jan I hate thinking about fights being put out to 6 months later. There are probably 10 shows between, can't they move this up?

CRE -  Who wins?

the fans hopefully 

i've never seen that gif before that was awesome and shonie's reaction was funny as hell

great gif

 when asked about Kos as potential next opponent previously, Daley stated that he wanted Alves as it he knew it would be an exciting fight for the fans.

Smart money is on Kos here, see the ake Shields fight

I will be pumped for this fight, love it.

Also thrilled with the Fitch vs Alves rematch, these are the right matches to make at WW right now. Almeida vs Brown as well.