Paul Lazenby

Paul I was trying to get Shonie to get in contact with you and Keth Weisnewski was trying to get in contact with Miguel for me and one of his DVT guys. Shonie and I were supposed to be going to canada to Fight Scott Junk on the 22nd but they decided to go with a guy i just beat(Ambriz) also they told me i had to make 265lbs for the fight which as of right now im 9lbs off(but that's neither here nor there) and yknow he could never make that weight. but anyway there was a guy named chad who said he was starting to do the booking for MixedFC that saw me beat mark burch and wanted me to fight on bodogs 3rd season season against mario ranaldi..but i left combat-do and with that left that contact. so shonie said he would mention me to pro record is 6-2 first fight vs reese shaner was amatuer although it's listed as pro btw i have also rolled often with pele so ive gone against the bodog heavy's before...
if you want to talk personally to me call shonie he has my number or hit me up at Beatyadown at
sincerely herc

Well, first off, how about telling me your name?

It's Antoine Hayes


Antwjuan Hayes...sorry

i thought i was kinda known damn

guess that just in the midwest

The underground knows Herc by his bad grammer, misspelled words, and of course phrases that make sense only to Herc.


in that case he could be Randy Rowe's twin...

;-)  lm