Paulie Malignaggi on Showtime tonight

I can't believe all the crap Paulie has talked to Adrien Broner leading up to this fight. It's as if Paulie suddenly thinks he is a power puncher somehow and is gonna knock out Broner.

Won't happen.

Paulie couldn't knock out Broner if Adrien fought with no arms and could only duck and dodge using his waist for 12 rounds. I have never seen Malignaggi knock anyone out and he is the definition of a feather-fisted fighter. He is all flash and fast combinations and his only hope to win is to outbox Broner for 12 rounds.

Won't happen.

This is the kind of fight I love....smack talking dude from Jersey with no power about to fight a guy moving up 2 weight classes that has knocked out nearly everyone he has fought. Gonna be a great night of boxing and almost surely predictable.

To me this is comparable to a light-hitting baseball player telling Nolan Ryan to look out because he is about to take him yard. This is going to be a mismatch all the way around and Adrien wins by knockout in whatever round he wants. I think he is gonna make Paulie suffer first though and clearly outbox him first, then go for the knockout.

I say by round 6 Broner has had enough and KO's Paulie in devastating fashion.

Tune in to Showtime to see this classic match and all the pre-fight hype and talk in 5 minutes from now.

It's tonight? When does it start? Phone Post 3.0

probably around 11 pm

Paulie has more power in his mouth than his fists. Fun to watch though.

Fight probably will start in about 30 minutes from now....11 pm east coast time in USA.

Might be starting in 15 minutes from now....Mitchell already knocked Banks down in the 2nd round.

Señor Penis - Malignaggi is so annoying Phone Post

They both are imo Phone Post

Malignaggi is such a Guido, and a borderline midget Guido at that. But his mouth is large and going to get closed tonight.

Paulie is a good analyst. If he can do anything, it's talk.

Yeah he can talk, but he has no knockout power which is what it will take to beat Broner.

Hard to believe Klitscko can pull chicks like Hayden Panettiere.....doesn't even make sense to me.

Must have been that underwear shoot with his bro.

Even De La Hoya was disinterested in this fight....chatting his buddy the whole fight.

Mitchell should get the win, but he didn't impress anyone in the process. If possible both guys should get a loss on their ledger.

Broner ain't gotta worry bout nuttin'.....don't worry bout nuttin'.....they ain't gonna worry bout nuttin'....won't have to worry bout nuttin'

Alright, I've been counting the Saturday's the past couple months for just this moment. They are in the ring and ready to get it on!

War Broner....kill dat Guido.

Broner gonna knock out the "Red Rooster" from WWF at that hairstyle on Paulie.

I would have thought Malignaggi was more intellectually challenged just looking at their faces.

Anyway, Broner is starting to dictate the pace and he lit Paulie up in the 3rd round. Paulie is starting to fight skeer'ed already. He has that "look" in his eyes.

UnderTheClock - 

Is Broner actually intellectually challenged? He looks like he's borderline.

Just a guess....he probably did ride the short bus to school.

Only way this fight would have been competitive is if Paulie fought at 147 and Broner at 135....and Broner would still knock him out.

Broner getting cocky and now walking straight to Paulie with his hands down. A fierce uppercut is coming sometime soon and this farce will be over.

Split decision.

Holy shit....judges called it a split decision win for Broner. Evidently only one judge Tom Shreck paid attention and scored the fight correctly at 117-111 Broner.

The judge who gave it to Malignaggi should be fired and never allowed to judge a fight again.

Only good thing is....they might run it back and Paulie get his ass kicked again.