Paulo Filho interview, "BJJ is all"

new Paulo Filho will appear in DREAM 10, marked for the 20th of July in the Saitama Super Arens. In good shape physically and with the stable psychological side, Filho was present at the Brazilian Nationals of Jiu-Jitsu and granted us this exclusive interview where he spoke about the training with Jiu-Jitsu red belt, Master Oswaldo Alves, and the reasons that caused him to return to his origins and extensively train in the Gentle Art. In this interview, Filho did not know about the confrontation with Melvin Manhoef in July.

Its obviously not much when your massively depressed and out of shape.

He needs an American wrestling coach.


nowaydo - He needs an American wrestling coach.

Not sure if he was on BTT when Darryl Gholar was their wrestling coach.

He also has a pretty extensive judo background I believe so he was never a "BJJ is all" guy. ;p

i cant stand melvin. hope filho can take him down. will be an easy submission.

 roids are all

Q, he was there when Darrell was there and I know about his Judo. He just looked like a typical BJJ guy when trying to takedown Chael in both fights. A few lame attempts and then butt flop. Maybe those were bad examples. His takedowns were much better in Pride, yet against the new breed of American wrestlers/fighters, he's going to need more. He should do fine against non-wrestlers.