PAW 2 now available!

PAW 2 is now available for MA school and gym owners / coaches.

The how, what, when and why of coaching kids in the MMA.

PAW 1 has evolutionized the way kids are being coached in the MMA and BJJ world wide. Coach after coach and martial arts business owner after business owner have finally been given the means to be the first wave of the future of martial arts around the world through the unique, progressive, natural, and learning curve peaking phenomena that is the PAW Method.

Here what instructors, coaches, and gym owners have to say about the PAW method.

PAW 2 now features the core curriculum built on and from the very philosophy and games that made the first set such a revolutionary paradigm shift for so many gym and academy owners throughout the world and has brought the first wave of gym and school owners to commercial success in ways they had never dreamt of…doing what they enjoy and never having to compromise the integrity of what the believe in!

Here it is, the day to day lessons our kids learn as they correspond specifically to the MMA and the combative sports. These are the same first two level requirements that have taken our kids to state and national grappling achievements year after year and allowed us the commercial success to take our sports into the mainstream traditional martial arts markets without compromising our approach or vision!

Obviously, PAW 1 is a must have prerequisite but PAW 2 is unique in its own objective mission show PAW enthusiasts, gym, and school owners worldwide what exactly it is we coach alongside the philosophy and drills of PAW 1.

Naturally…we have included more games and drills and show two of our favorite games, the “Jiu-Jitsu Virus” and the “Wrestling Virus”

Where PAW 1 has shown again and again what its guiding philosophy can do in assisting children of all ages to learn naturally and creatively, PAW 2 now supports instructors and coaches in their quest to provide a very safe, highly functional and proven curriculum within the fantastic atmosphere of the PAW method.

PAW 1 & PAW 2 are also available as a package.



Thats one down. Can't wait for the Jits series to be released.


BJJ set is at duplicators and ISR-PM is on deck.


Luis; Do you have my CC info? My order is in!


yes! yes! yes!

Way Cool! Just ordered mine!


PAW 1 Clip!

PAW 2 Clip!


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Thanks much guys!

Molly has received all your orders and they are being processed right now.


Holy Smoke! I ordered PAW2 on Thursday evening and got it today (Tuesday morning). Not even considering that it's christmas to get a delivery from the States to Ireland that quickly is just excellent!

Haven't really watched the dvds yet but the philosophy looks great so far.


What the hell is the deal with stuff that keeps getting to Ireland!!!
before it gets to Canada???




That is odd. I blame Canada. Yup, Canada did it.


It's true, Ireland rocks a lot more than Canada

(Don't worry Mike, Canada stil rocks more than the US!)

Just watched some of this the other day. . .AWESOME!

I want an adult class like this.

Hmmm... fridge or dvds... fridge or dvds... stupid apartment!


Blame Canada???

Now I know how Rodney Dangerfield felt.

(silently starts singing the beautifil Canadian National Anthem to himself!)