PBP Jones Jr. here

Round 11

Jones seems fresh haeding into the 11th. Crowd seems restless. Prince gets him against the ropes and lands a good combination. Fight goes back to the midle of the ring. Prince is too slow to catch Jones and catch him clean. JOnes taking a round off it seems. Not doing much. Princes eye is swelling. Jones lands a few jabs. Two nore jabs for roy. Three punch combo lands for roy! Prince smiles. The right eye of Prince isnt looking good. If Jones would just let it all go this could be over. Prince is moving really slow and not landing anything. Jones a few more lands as the bell rings.
10-9 Jones.

Round 12

Jones is backing up when he should be going for the kill. Prince lands a few pitty pat shots against the ropes. Prince has nothing left. JOnes lets his hands go and landing! Maybe 6 or 7 unanswered shots after walking through a pretty good shot from Prince. Jones punches are still crisp. Jones takes four shots against the ropes. Nice one two to the body for jones. Lefy uppercut for jones. JOnes is comfortable to back up and fire away towards the bell.
10-9 Jones

I scored it 119-97 for Jones.

Final Judges scorecards are 119-106 all three judges scored the bout
All for the Winner, Roy Jones Junior!


FC :)

Thanks a million Rafterman for posting the play by play from maxboxing. That was almost as good as watching it on PPV... and a lot less expensive.

This ref was HORRIBLE. He was breaking the fighters up way too early. I had to stop wtaching in the 5th, it was just pathetic. They wouldn't even be holding, just standing near each other, and he'd break 'em up.

Very amateur refereeing. Hopefully Roy goes away now.


May 6 -- Ricky Randall, Pensacola, Florida, KO 2

June 11 -- Stephan Johnson, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 8

Sep. 3 -- Ron Amundsen, Pensacola, Florida, KO 7

Nov. 30 -- Dave McCluskey, Pensacola, Florida, KO 3

Jan. 8 -- Joe Edens, Mobile, Alabama, KO 2

Feb. 28 -- Billy Mitchum, Pensacola, Florida, TKO 2

Mar. 28 -- Knox Brown, Pensacola, Florida, KO 3

May 11 -- Ron Johnson, Pensacola, Florida, KO 2

July 14 -- Tony Waddles, Pensacola, Florida, KO 1

Sep. 25 -- Rollin Williams, Pensacola, Florida, KO 4

Nov. 8 -- Reggie Miller, Pensacola, Florida, KO 5


Jan. 31 -- Ricky Stackhouse, Pensacola, Florida, KO 1

Apr. 13 -- Eddie Evans, Pensacola, Florida, TKO 3


Jan. 10 -- Jorge Vaca, New York City, KO 1

Apr. 3 -- Art Serwano, Reno, Nevada, KO 1

June 30 -- Jorge Castro, Pensacola, Florida, W 10

Aug. 18 -- Glenn Thomas, Pensacola, Florida, KO 8

Dec. 5 -- Percy Harris, Atlantic City, New Jersey, KO 4


Feb. 13 -- Glenn Wolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, KO 1

May 22 -- Bernard Hopkins, Washington D.C, W 12
(Captured IBF middleweight title)

Aug. 14 -- Thulane Malinga, St. Louis Bay, Mississippi, KO 6

Nov. 30 -- Fermin Chirino, Pensacola, Florida, W 10


Mar. 22 -- Daniel Garcia, Pensacola, Florida, KO 6

May 27 -- Thomas Tate, Las Vegas, Nevada, KO 2
(Retained IBF middleweight title)

Nov. 18 -- James Toney, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
(Captured IBF super middleweight title)


Mar. 18 -- Antoine Byrd, Pensacola, Florida, TKO 1
(Retained IBF super middleweight title)

June 24 -- Vinny Pazienza, Atlantic City, New Jersey, TKO 6
(Retained IBF super middleweight title)

Sep. 30 -- Tony Thornton, Pensacola, Florida, TKO 2
(Retained IBF super middleweight title)


Jan. 12 -- Merqui Sosa, New York City, TKO 2

June 15 -- Eric Lucas, Jacksonville, Florida, KO 11
(Retained IBF super middleweight title)

Oct. 4 -- Bryant Brannon, New York City, KO 2
(Retained IBF super middleweight title)

Nov. 22 -- Mike McCallum, Tampa, Florida, W 12
(Won interim WBC light heavyweight title)


Mar. 21 -- Montell Griffin, Atlantic City, New Jersey, L DQ 9
(Lost WBC light heavyweight title)

Aug. 21 -- Montell Griffin, Ledyard, Connecticut, KO 1
(Regained WBC light heavyweight title)


Apr. 25 -- Virgil Hill, Biloxi,Mississippi, KO 4

July 18 -- Lou Del Valle, New York, W 12
(Unified WBC and WBA light heavyweight titles)

Nov. 14 -- Otis Grant, Mashantucket, Connecticut, TKO 10
(Retained WBC and WBA light heavyweight titles)


Jan. 9 -- Rick Frazier, Pensacola, Florida, KO 2
(Retained WBC and WBA light heavyweight titles)

June 5 -- Reggie Johnson, Biloxi, Mississippi, W 12
(Unifies WBA-WBC-IBF light heavyweight titles)


Jan. 15 -- David Telesco, New York City, W 12
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)

May 13 -- Richard Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana, TKO 11
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)

Sept. 9 -- Eric Harding, New Orleans, Louisiana, TKO 10
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)


Feb. 24 -- Derrick Harmon, Tampa, Florida, TKO 10
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)

July 28 -- Julio Gonzalez, Los Angeles, California, W 12
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)


Feb. 2 -- Glenn Kelly, Miami, Florida, TKO 7
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)

Sept. 7 -- Clinton Woods, Portland, Oregon, TKO 6
(Retained unified light heavyweight title)


March 1 -- John Ruiz, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
(Captured WBA heavyweight title)

Nov. 8 -- Antonio Tarver, Las Vegas, Nevada, W 12
(Captured WBC light heavyweight title)


May 15 -- Antonio Tarver, Las Vegas, Nevada, TKO by 2
(Lost WBC light heavyweight title)
(Lost WBA light heavyweight title)

Sept. 25 -- Glengoffe Johnson, Memphis, TN, KO by 9
(For IBF Light Heavyweight Title)


Oct. 1 -- Antonio Tarver, Tampa, FL, L 12


July 29 -- Prince Badi Ajamu, Boise, Idaho, W 12

This is what you can glean from the above post:

In his prime RJJ was 49-1 with one DQ loss (which was a knuckle head moment in his career, he was clearly winning the fight) with 40 KO's. He had easy, showcase victories over: Vinny Paz, B-hop, James Tony, Merqui Sosa, Montell Griffin, and Virgil Hill.

RJJ was simply much better then everyone else at the time. We've seen what Tony and B-hop have gone on to do after their losses to RJJ. In his prime RJJ could hang with anyone IMO. Some fighter's just get old fast, and I do agree that there are some character flaws in RJJ that come across in the ring. That doesn't mean that he's a shit fighter however, you have to be real.

lol @ hopkins being a bum

Boring fight. The ref was way to active, he was yelling break (ala Cecil Peoples) while they were throwing punches on the inside.I am pretty much over boxing and this fight reminded me why.