PBP Jones Jr. here

Round 1
Ajamu comes out with a high, tight guard and shoots a few jabs that Jones avoids. Nothing serious from Jones until a missed left hook, then Ajamu pins Jones on the ropes and fires about twenty punches and whacks him some leather!@ Jones goes across the ring and on the other ropes, and is wobbled by a left hook! He?s covering up and this looks like the Glen Johnson fight, with Jones? legs AWOL and unable to keep the gap from being closed by his foe.

Nice couple body shots by Jones as he?s chest to chest. This is not good portents for Jones as he is seemingly ankle-deep in the muck and can?t keep it at range, which was never his kind of fight. Jones throws a double right that is mostly blocked. Big body hook by Roy. They?re chest to chest once more. Jones looks like he's headed for a rough night here.

Ajamu wins round 10-9.

Round 2
Body right by Prince and he pancakes Jones on to the ropes once more. Body left by Jones. More mugging stuff by Badi and they?re grinding on the inside, and it reminds you of watching Muhammad Ali struggle with Trevor Berbick, or Leon Spinks, the great legs a distant memory. Right by Ajamu as Jones tries to slip it. Body right by Jones. Left and body rights by Ajamu in return. He?s pressuring Jones a lot and that?s a good strategy. Jab by Jones and another, both partially landing. Jones eats a chopping right. Fast one-two to the body by Jones and he gets a warning for a borderline one.

Another body right by Jones. Double jab by Badi. Badi corners Jones and they?re broken up once more. Fast one two again to the body by Roy. Good shots and he is effective with them.

Jones wins round 10-9.

Blind Kung Fu Master!

Round 3
Mugging body shots by Badi to get it in close once more. Body hook by Roy. Jab by both. Body right by Jones and Ajamu closes the gap and cuffs him on the gloves in close. Jab by Badi. Quick combo by Roy and Badi belts him a jab. Lead uppercut by Jones is blocked. Left hook by Badi. Body right by Jones. Quick left hook by him and Badi smothers him. Jab by Badi. Better range for Jones in this round as he?s getting off at distance. Fast three punch combo for Jones with two body shots to start it. Double uppercut by Jones. Badi has slowed down here and not pressing the attack as much. Body right by Jones and Ajamu hits him a body shot in return.

Jones wins round 10-9

Round 4
Jones opens with a double left hook that is all blocked but fast and hard. Right by Ajamu. Ajamu misses a lunging right coming in. Jones seems to have established his beloved moat here, daring Ajamu to cross it and most of the time Ajamu won?t do it too recklessly, at this point. Double left by Jones to head and body. More wrestling in close and the ref gives Ajamu a warning for hitting low. The ref is also breaking them very fast, which helps Jones.

Body right by Jones. Ajamu hits Jones an uppercut in close.

Jones wins round 10-9.

Round 5
Round 5

The ref is now hassling Jones about using an open glove. They have a discussion about jabbing and hooking vs. pawing. Maybe the ref ought to go back to whatever is he does in real life and let the fighters fight. The guy has an editorial every round about something. We sure are not in Nevada, chillums.

Body hook by Jones, a nice left. Jab by Jones and an exchange. Jones is on the ropes a lot but Badi cannot seem to exploit it much. Quick one two potshot by Jones. Jab by Jones. Badi misses a lazy right. Another wicked body left by Jones. Left by Jones. More smacking lefts and Badi looks pretty lost at this point. Body right again by Jones.

Jones wins round 10-9.

Round 6

Jab by Jones. Body left by Jones. Badi is pretty much letting Jones do what he wants and is not pressing the action. Fast three punch combo by Jones mostly lands. Another body left by Jones. He is really dipping down and digging it home with consistent accuracy. Counter right by Jones. He has not really hurt Badi visibly yet but is doing good steady work downstairs. Jones digs three lefts downstairs. He is smiling and having a good time and Ajamu has pretty much given up at this point, despite an opening round where the game plan was looking good.

Jones wins round 10-9

Round 7

Sloppy exchange as Badi muffs some body shots in, then eats a counter body hook a moment later. Low blow by Ajamu gets a point deducted. Glancing right by Jones. They trade glancing crosses. Uppercut hook combo by Jones. Ajamu hits Roy another low blow and loses another point. That is a good strategy for him, as maybe he will get disqualified and this debacle can end.

Jones hits him a fast one two and Ajamu hits another low blow that maybe the ref just wanted to overlook.

Jones misses a wild hook and eats a right to the chest and then digs a hard body hook and a fast flurry into Ajamu?s chest.

Jones wins round 10-7

Round 8

Body right by Jones. Combo by him and he scoots away from Ajamu. Right by Badi. Fast right left to the body by Jones. Jab by him. Another body right and Ajamu ties up and does nothing on the inside. Jab by Jones and Badi misses a sloppy right and hits row another low blow. Uppercut by Roy and a pair of fast combos, shoeshine vintage Jones stuff. Body right by Ajamu. Another low blow, a right to the thigh, by Ajamu. He gets another point taken away. Maybe he will get disqualified. We can only hope.

Fast right and hook by Jones and he is smiling as the round ends.

Jones wins round 10-8.

lol, the guy's gonna foul out?

He's kind of looking for a way out.


Yea getting sad. Hope this isn't what RJJ wanted.

Yes! Hornbuckle posted on one of my threads.

Round 9
Body right by Ajamu, this time a legal blow, for a change. Jones moves away and lulls him into another series of traps, whacking a body shot home and jabbing him square in the puss. Fast one two to the body by Jones. Another body right by Jones. He can land pretty much at will. Overhand right by Jones. Hard trade of crosses. Both seem unhurt. Fast one two to the belly by Jones.

Jab by Jones. Ajamu pins him on the ropes and does very little effective work. He seems like he is just trying to finish the fight. Right lead by Jones lands flush and Ajamu barrels into him, muffling his own punching range.

Jones wins round 10-9

" Fast one two to the belly by Jones. "

Round 10
Stiff jabs by Ajamu all miss. Right misses by Ajamu. Cross lands by Ajamu. Jones is fighting his classic style, left hand low and daring Ajamu to cross the gap. Right by Ajamu. He mugs Jones in close on the ropes with short arm punches. Triple left by Jones to the body and head.

Ajamu is now cut over the right eye, and a fairly significant one. Fast combo by Jones as Ajamu wades in, sponging punches. Fast combo once more by Jones as Ajamu shakes his head and lands a solid left hook on Roy only to eat an uppercut coming in.

Jones wins round 10-9.



PBP from Jason Probst via Maxboxing!

So what happened in round 11 & 12?