pe de pano and monson disaster

On sunday night at the arnolds, The heavyweight no-gi finals were jeff monson vs. pe de pano. Monson was in pe de pano's guard and went to attempt a neck crank (canopener). As soon as monson put it on pe de pano immediately tapped and stood up and told the ref that this was an illegal move and pe de pano raised his arms in victory. Then the arguing started, monson said he didnt know that was not allowed because it is the pro division and also believes the ref should of said something to stop or warn him as soon as he went for it. Pe de pano was yelling like mad. Pe de pano could of escaped this position with ease but knew that if he had tapped to an illegal move and then notified the ref that he would be declared the winner. Soon a crowd of fifty people is on the mat, pe de pano and monson are both going to relson to plead their case, relson says it is up to the ref. The ref first decides to restart the match where it left off in pe de pano's guard and that was announced. Then pe de pano started yelling at the ref and at everyone. Then pe de pano was in the middle and the ref lifted his hand in the air. The booing started, pe de pano smiled and gave eveyone the finger. Jeef monson then tackles the ref. Soneca jumps up and punches monson in the back of the head.So now it has just got mental in here, you have 5 guys holding monson trying to drag him out so he doesnt maul someone and pe de pano still giving the finger to everyone. It was pandemonium!!!!

"The booing started, pe de pano smiled and gave eveyone the finger. Jeef monson then tackles the ref."

Damn, I understand getting caught up in the heat of the moment, but classless moves by both guys.

TTT, it was crazy.

One of the last people I'd want to have tackle me in a blind rage would be Monson. That guy is a monster.

i applaud monson's actions

Monson didn't do anything wrong. Its documented that you are allowed to use a can opener to open the guard then you have to let go. PDP tapped out before he unlocked his legs.

I'm not sure I ever want to go to another Brazilian sponcered event. The organization is so unbelievably poor that it is totally beyond belief.

Compare Grapplers Quest or NAGA to the Pan-ams or the Arnolds. Why are you waiting in line for hours on end in one set of tournaments and not in the other? (I enjoyed a 5.5hr wait in line for the Pan-ams, Scott Lewis enjoyed an additional 2hr on top of that!)

There is a glaring lack of capability for tournaments that want to charge such high fees.

Avoid the BS, go to Sled Dog's tournament April 3rd in MTL. :)

ttt for Sled Dog's tournament.

The best run tournament Ive been to so far.

takeshi & rene.r are correct. Phillip's tourney is exceptional.

After the Montreal tourney last year, me and my brother went to a resturant patio and drank beer and ate good food. The high quality of the Montreal females was an awesome site. I had front row seats:)


true line ups suck, does anyone have tape of monson freaking out? if so post it.