Pe De Pano Punches Like a Girl...

...anyone else notice that?

Mir lost because he gassed.

came in looking like Coleman and gassed like Coleman.

Pe de Pano caught him on the sweet spot for opening up cuts (right above the eye) and Frank was too gassed to defend, not knocked silly.

De pano is a girl.

lol. just about every thread created about Mir in the last two days said he was going to gas and lose. i guess us keyboard warriors are smart sometimes.

And sometimes girls can hit hard enough to get the job done.

He schooled Mir on the ground. Completely dominated the position and his punching worked well enough to earn a stoppage.

Does Cruz really want a shot at Arlovski?

"I am guessing, Daniel doesn't know many girls."


I agree, whatever works (even girl punches), just that he'd get wrecked against anyone with some real striking abilities, imo.

Arlovski would murder him.

he makes a ral uguly girl

when he threw those boxing combo's after the fight, it was kinda funny... almost like Jerry Lewis acting though.

Mir's face looked terrible. Not just the cut.

LOL @ the Pe De Pano hate.


more like Mir got gassed by being out of action for so long and getting into bodybuilding instead of cardio.

Cruz won because he was the better fighter tonight. End of thread.

girls must teach boxing in heaven

"Who cares about striking."

a little fighter named, Randy Couture, perhaps?

Stupid post.

Love that quote "Mir got beat by a sport JJ fighter"!

The BJJ hate in this forum is ridiculous. So many wanted to see PDP lose and he dominated.

"The BJJ hate in this forum is ridiculous."

No hate, I picked PDP to win it, just saying his punching form was... different.

"Who cares about striking. That is not an important skill to have, because anyone can KO anyone. Its all luck.

Fighting on the ground is the only real skill, that requires intelligence and athleticism."

LOFL!  You are truly a retard.

somebody put Pe De Pano in front of Monson in the UFC...PLEASE...