Pe de Pano vs Kunihara

Thoughts on this fight? I'd like to see Pe de Pano get crushed but don't think that will be the result.

I would have liked to see a bigger name fighter against Pe de Pano, but this is all still rumor mill I guess...

Keigo wont dissapoint.

The fight is on and going to happen.

Keigo is training hard and is not going to dissappoint. 

ttt 4 Keigo Kunihara

who is keiko kunihara?

If Kunihara couldn't finish Mike Bourke, then what chance does he have against Pe de Pano?

Keigo is a great guy, and no, he won't disappoint.

I have never seen Pa De Pano fight but have seen his BJJ record nad heard about his matches and he seems like a great sport BJJ guy but can he fight?