Pedro Sauer

Has anybody here heard of him? When I am done with my time in Japan, we will be moving very close to his school.

i dropped in on a class in SLC and it was cool, lots of people, i learned alot of gi stuff.

people were super cool and i felt very welcome.

That is great, thanks for the response.

I think he is associated with Rickson. People that have trained with him speakly highly of him. A few years ago I trained for a weekend at one of his affiliate schools. The training was good. I think Walt Bayless has some students that also near the SLC area and Jeremy Horn trains with them from what I have read.

Walt Bayless is there as well.

Pedro is a very cool guy with some good jiu-jitsu. A lot of well known coaches are black belts under him including Frank Cucci and Greg Nelson. I'm sure you will like training with him.

I'm currently a purple under Pedro at a Northern VA affiliate school. Pedro is SUCH a nice guy, and an excellent instructor. Whether you are into Helio Gracie BJJ fundamentals or the latest techniques from Brazil, Pedro keeps up with it all and teaches it. He holds nothing back and encourages his students to train with anyone and everyone they can. Really healthy environments at his gyms - second only to the SBG. ;)

Great thanks for the input you guys.

I am Blue Belt getting ready to go for my purple belt under Pedro. This is one of the best people you will likely ever come across in the martial arts period. H e was one of Ricksons best friends growing up in Brazil and is the only person Rickson ever took all the way from white belt to black belt! His skill is amazing and his ability to coach is as good as it gets. Also the whole gym and all of his guys are just a bunch of really cool people youll lovew being around . no knuckleheads:)
good training buddy

Thats great Troy Dechamp. How long have you been training for?