Pele returning to 170lbs

I don't know if anyone has already posted this but on the bodog website it has Pele fighting later this season at 170. I always thought he was just too small for 185. Pele returning to 170 is awesome !!

that is awesome news

i was wondering if he fought in Bodog, I remember reading that he was going to, a while back...

looking forward to seeing Pele's comeback, if he is 170 again then he must be training hard

THis took place in Febuary.

It was not pretty, but he made the cut. He looked good during his fight.

wasn't he fighting at heavyweight (215) for a brief while?

big fan of pele.

I am also a big fan of Pele. Who is he training with right now? I have always wanted to see him in the UFC, maybe it will happen eventually.

Pele is fighting out of the Revolution Fight Team, the same team as Kalib Starnes.

pele is gonna whoop some ass. i like kid presentable, but pele may be a tough fight for him. (assuming it happens at some point in bodog)

he was the best in the world at 170 for a long time

id love to see pele v like diego or karo.

How old is he these days?

Pele fights in this seasons of BODOGFIGHT. The great thing about him is win, lose, or draw is a ton of fun to watch!!!

Hopefully he'll fight Shields or Thompson in Bodog.

Those would be good fights.

Still my all time favorite fighter,, when he was on there was no one like him.

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"How old is he these days?"
"Either 81 or 82."

Pele turns 34 this year

God damn, he was a scary dude in his prime.

Pele and Macaco talking shit face to face in the middle of the fight is CLASSIC!

big fan here

LOL at the Hughes clip at the end.. that fight was at 185, no?

no, it was in the Warrior's War, one of the best tourney's back in the day with the cream of the 170Lb division competing. (Newton, Pele, Hughes, Menne, Barkalaev)