Pellegrino vs. Stevenson?

Who has the better ground game?

pellegrino has a better ground. He is a black belt


Pellegrino is an extremely talented ground technition. I'm backing him 100% for this fight.

This is going to be an excellent fight

Pellegrino is the most overlooked guy in the lightweight division.

That will change after the fight.

Joe daddy better JJ Better GNP better wrestler.

They're pretty evenly matched. Kurt has the better standup though.

the captain is such a nuthugger!!!

lol pellegrino is the better wrestler but stevenson is the better submission grappler.

Ah Yah,Pelligrino is a better what?

Stevenson's superior cardio was the difference.

That was an awesome fight, I'd like to see Kurt again in future PPVs.

Kurt was awesome! a great fight!

Joe was awesome! He went insane in the third round it was like he was fighting in first round!

Very good fight. Stevenson is a top contender at 155.

i taught that pellegrino won that fight, but none the less it was close

if kurt didnt gas it would have been a different fight.. he was tired and it was still close fight.. they need to do it again pellegrino vs stevenson 2 imo..WARRR kurt