Penalties for PEDs in MMA are too gentle

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                                Penalties for PEDs in MMA are too gentle

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                    <p>In mixed martial arts the standard penalty for failing a Performance Enhancing Drug test for the first time is 30% of purse, a nine-month suspension, and if the fight was won, officially changing the result to a No Contest.</p>

Those penalties are insufficient to fully discourage the use of PEDs.

Fighters in the UFC compete on average twice a year, so the nine month suspension is practically speaking just 90 days more than they would have taken off already. Due to injuries, countless fighters take off nine-month stretches. It is an easy bid.

Having a fight changed to NC is not a big deal. Dennis Siver tested positive for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) last year, and had his unanimous decision over Manny Gamburyan changed to an NC. Ten months later he beat Charles Rosa, and now he is getting the biggest fight of his life, vs. Conor McGregor at UFC Fight Night 59 on Jan 18. Barely a year has passed since he failed the test.

Siver made $66,000 ($33,000 to show, $33,000 to win) at UFC 168. His fine was 30% of the purse, or $19,800. Siver still made a lot more than he would have if he lost.

That doesn't make sense.

In what field does getting caught at cheating leave you off better than if you lost? If you cheat on a test at school do you get to walk away with a C? If you cheat on taxes, do you have to give back just some of what you illicitly got?

At bare bones the penalty should be all of your win money, or at least 50% of the purse.

Last year the World Anti Doping Agency upped the penalty for first time PED test failures from two years to four. The second failure is a life ban.

If fighters knew they would get suspended for four years if caught, it would not make sense to use PEDs. With a functional suspension of 90 days, setting ethical considerations aside, it makes sense to use PEDs, and time their usage so that you get caught only very rarely. Further, if you believe your opponent is using PEDs, what then are your ethical considerations?

Because mixed martial arts is a hurting a game, failing a PED test should have harsher penalties that other sports, not gentler ones. If you take PEDs in Tennis, you win by whatever to Love quicker. If you take PEDs in MMA, you are going to hurt another person more. If you are both on PEDs, you are both going to get hurt more. You play other sports; you don't play MMA - it is a real fight, and you can get real hurt. Every reasonable step should be taken to lower injuries; severely penalizing PED use is one of them.

At an absolute minimum, failing a PED test in mixed martial arts should result in at least a two-year suspension, and a fine of at least 50% of purse. Make the fine 100% of purse and a four-year suspension, and the sport would be very nearly clean within weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, the UFC does not administer penalties for PED test failure, State, Provincial, and Tribal Athletic Commissions do. When the UFC is forced to self regulate, they follow the standards set by the leading ACs. Thus it is incumbent on the leading Athletic Commissions across North America to get far stricter with PEDs. The regulatory system in MMA is the glue that holds the sport together. Expect to see stricter penalties coming during the coming year.

The UFC is gearing up to underwrite the cost of a massive out-of-competition drug testing program for all athletes under contract. However, if the penalties remain as they are, that admirable and expensive effort will be undermined, and that is bad business.

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In some cases even rewarded. Look at Siver fails test serves suspension and gets rewarded with a main event high profile fight.

Mma is a business not a sport Phone Post 3.0

How about: if you failing a PED test you will get fired?

Morticia - How about: if you failing a PED test you will get fired?

That would be great hell Siver even moved up in the rankings today without even fighting.

Agreed. Phone Post 3.0

Vikingknee - Mma is a business not a sport Phone Post 3.0


By definition it has to be both. It's not pre-determined so it's a sport, but obviously entertainment business. Balance both or sink with one side of the scale.


Vikingknee - Mma is a business not a sport Phone Post 3.0
Lol Phone Post 3.0

I think this is a well-meaning but bogus opinion.

1. Guys who fail tests are just the ones that are not smart enough, not taking the right stuff, or the right dose, or the right latency period. The smart guys don't get caught.

2. You are not going to have a penalty that prevents PEDs use.

3. MMA at the UFC is just too tough for the majority of people to do against other PEDs users to not dose. Only the phenoms can do it. (BJ, Silva, Diaz brothers (who probably take EPO), Lauzon). This is less true for the lighter weight fighters, where PEDs use (roids, hGH) will have a less prominent effect (slightly).

So the thing to do is to have them monitored by a doctor, not penalizing the ones who screw up and get caught.

There are a whole subclass of these proteins. She's talking GDF-11.

Sense of smell is another 'iffy' thing to use as an Alzheimers predictor, because some people have damage to the nerves in the nose (broken nose) not the portion of the brain that processes the signal.

She's just too general to be too applicable.

Also she's very right about doses of taking suppliments. Two problems.

1. Most studies done on mice at mouse weight amounts and is injected in a pure form.

2. Some of the more exotic supplements are too expensive to be taken in the right high dose. It's true they don't do a lot of dose-dependent studies on the lab animals

3. They're rats (rodentia), we're homosapiens.

Joe's spending a lot of money on LG and taking about 400mg which probably has little to no effect. He needs to be taking 2400mg (six tablets or squirts). At $60 for a 4 fl oz bottle that's $10/day (each bottle has four 2400mg doses, approx.) That's more than all your other vitamins combined for a presumed effect when you're 65 years old.

If he's taking curcumin, they may work together. Still you gotta maximize your nutrient/suppliment dollar. You can only spend so many hours a day to workout, eat, sleep and take vitamins.

He'd need to do this daily from the age of 20 to the age of 60, at 6g/day doses without fail, IMO, to see a measureable effect. He'd be better off getting an Alzheimer's gene suseptibility test and only take it if he has a copy of it. (like she does).



let them eat cake

acceptable levels of PEDs


Vikingknee - Mma is a business not a sport Phone Post 3.0
the ufc is a business, mma is very much a sport Phone Post 3.0