Penetrating power?

Ha ha, no DP/PP please.

A good punch should shake the bag, not push it right?

How do you guys achieve this, if you can?

Is it something to do with the speed of retraction?

I'm a pusher, I can't help myself.


And that'll make it penetrate more than push?

I'm no expert but Ill through in my 2 pence. To do what your asking you need good technique (i.e. what lefthooker is saying) and also power. I don't think you can get either of these with out practising. IMO there is no secret exercise you can do to improve it. I can punch much more powerfully than I could last year simply because I have spent a lot of time hitting the bag.

Secondly, I would say that the mechanics of the bag setup may hinder how much you can penetrate. In my garage I have a long heavy bag which I can fold pretty well with just a jab. If for example you have a small light bag which is on a long chain or rope, the fact is it will just swing around more and be harder to hit with the same effect.

Just my opinion.

Actually it is just like that. In my gym, its fairly light.
I used to have a heavier bag myself and can't remember being as disappointed with my strikes as I was last night.
Plus with the way it was hung, you're striking it more towards the bottom, so yeah it would swing more.
Plus the fact I haven't been using the bag for a while.

Cheers guys.

You are pushing your punches. It is that simple. You probably lead with your hands and everything follows causing you to push. It's all in the mechanics.

I absolutely agree that it heavybags react differently depending on how they hang. Where I usually train the bags are suspended by bungee cords. For the longest time I couldn't figure out why they weren't folding even when my mechanics were good. Then I hit a bag on a long chain, it folded and shuttered.

Lefthooker is right though. Check your mechanics and imagine penetrating through the bag.

A heavy bag should only be hung from chains. Bungees are not good, the bag will move too much. Light bags are also a waste of time.

e kaye is correct. It is mostly mechanics. There are much stronger guys in my gym who don't puch as hard as I do. There are much smaller guys who punch harder than I do. I increased my power after a pro in my area worked with me a bit. It was a matter of a few simple adjustments. Stepping into your punches, pivoting properly and not keeping so tight when you throw a hook can add to power.

Those things would certainly help.