mmaweekly shows that the ufc have stripped penn and say he will never fight in the ufc again! what a crock of shit!whats everyones thoughts? will hughes charuto be for the title and why has ufc got no champions, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and heavyweight

Who knows, maybe they´ll blackball Charuto for being involved with BJ. It seems to be that Zuffa is run a lot based on emotions.

I figured something like this would happen.

UFC is spiting themselves

Doesn't suprise me, he's fighting in another organization. If he loses that discredits him as champ and the UFC, so why risk it? BJ knew this, it's not like a random stripping of the title.

UFC shoots itself in the foot again, shocker.

God Damnit.

This does piss me off but If BJ violated his contract, he should be stripped, as much as I hate to admit it. HE shouldn't have singed a contract if he couldn't follow the terms in the contract.

I don´t think he would have done it if it directly violated his contract. IMO if that is the case (there was no clause banning him from competing elsewhere), then it´s entirely Zuffas fault to have someone fight for the title and not have them locked in for exclusive rights in case they win. They can´t give the guy a contract stating one thing, and then demand extra clauses when it suits them.

I dont agree with the decision the UFC made either, but considering it was the UFC that made him who he is today, they might have felt that he should show some loyalty.

Dana White is the devil

should of waited till he lost to strip him.

should of taken the gamble man, now either way itll look bad. regardless if hes technically the champ or not people will say so and so beat the UFC champ if and when he loses.

if they took the gamble, they could of at least capitalized on any run of sucess that Penn may of had.

not now.

bj wanted to fight in the ufc and was willing to take less money as long as he could go find the big purses elsewhere. By not hounding the ufc for more money he showed his loyalty. They best not make a problem with charuto now!

It doesn`t bother me one bit b ecause there is so much untapped potential in the US it isn`t even funny . Way too many good fighters with no place to be seen fighting.

It`s not like he is the most exciting fighter in the world anyway.

and the bottom line is if u dont have the best fighters u aint gonna be the best organisation bad move zuffa

I know this is an unpopular position, but I actually completely understand where UFC is coming from. Should Penn be injured in his K-1 fight, it would make their champion unavailable to them because of an event that did not benefit them. Most athletes have clauses in their contracts that prohibit them from doing anything that might jeopardize their health. Granted, this is a little different but the concept is still there.

I doubt Pride would sit on their hands if one of their top names(not even a champ) were to come to the U.S. to fight in UFC. Can anyone imagine the fuss they would put up?

Another thing is that I am sure all of the other fighters were watching very closely to see how it played out. I would guess that UFC felt they had to make a firm stand so as not to have other fighters do the same.
I am certainly disappointed, but Penn's rep only rocketed to the stratosphere when he beat Hughes. He is not irreplaceable. We will have see what happens next. The very best thing UFC can do is to have the title settled on the next PPV. In other words:clean this up ASAP!

that would be so stupid if they did.

K-1 paid him triple of what he made fighting for a title, and he still wants back to fight in UFC.

Let fighters make their money elsewhere if you can't pay them.

It's not a polite thing to do, but stripping him makes sense to me. If Ludwig kicks his ass, what credibility does a UFC championship belt have if Penn is still holding it.

make way for another paper champion!

way to go zuffa!!!

what a they have what, 1 champion???

What is wrong with the UFC? What are they thinking?

Dana White should be stripped of HIS title!