Penn wants Silva

From MMAWeekly:

MMA: Vanderlei Silva

BJ Penn: The best right now. Soon it will be time to fight him.

Come on.

BJ also said he doesn't want to fight Trigg because he's not good enough; he only wants to fight the best. Can someone tell me who considered Ludwig the best (especially at 170, the weight they fought at), or Rodrigo (his biggest wins being decisions over Sakurai and Takase)? Trigg is ranked way ahead of either of them, and for good reason.

What's also a little puzzling is why, when BJ said it will soon be time to fight Wanderlei, the interviewer didn't say "Ummm...what?" They just moved on.


MMA journalists do not excel in probing follow-ups. They are very good at the following, though:

1) Asking questions from a list

2) Printing interviews in Q&A style

3) Asking questions about fighters' personal tastes

4) Closing interviews with an opportunity for the fighter to offer "any last words for the fans."

5) Providing a forum for fighters to thank their sponsors (see number 4)

As Penn fighting Silva, Silva would savage him.

I think BJ could win. Not saying he will, but he definatly has a chance.

Holy crap man, Sak would beat BJ but Wanderlei would abdoulutely kill him. I would love to see it though.

"duane ludwig, rodrigo gracie and tak gomi are elite fighters. plus gracie was a lot bigger."

What's your point? He said he won't fight Trigg because he only wants to fight the best. Rodrigo isn't on any top 10s, and Bang had never even fought at 170 before. Trigg is #2 or #3 on every ranking you can find.

Where's the shit talk?

Contradictory statements for sure.

Looks like #3 for

BJ Penn holds steady at the top spot, but Matt Hughes is gaining votes.

  1. BJ Penn - 97 Points (7 first place votes)
  2. Matt Hughes - 92 Points (3 first place vote)
  3. Frank Trigg - 77 Points
  4. Sean Sherk - 69 Points
  5. Charuto Verissimo- 50 Points
  6. Georges St. Pierre- 50 Points
  7. Chris Lytle - 31 Points
  8. Karo Parisyan - 26 Points
  9. Nick Diaz - 20 Points 10.Jake Shields - 19 Points

"plus gracie was a lot bigger."

Not really, BJ moved up in weight for that fight.

3) Asking questions about fighters' personal tastes

Single Handedly, the most fucking annoying aspect from interviewers. Its so beyond fucking stupid. I just dont care what kind of food BJ likes to eat, and his favorite colors, and bands...I hate the "do you go to clubs" question. Fucking WHO CARES!

Wanderlei is just too strong for BJ, he will destroy him.

Never underestimate BJ. This fight could go either way.

No, it couldn't.


Didn't feel like reposting twice soo just copied and pasted my response to a similar thread to here as well:

Vanderlei is a tremendous fighter, that said, he isn't perfect and is just a man. Technically he has some issues but has some severe heart and determination, true warrior!

Could someone of Penn's caliber take Vanderlei, sure anything is possible. If Penn was able to move up steadily in weight combination of lean muscle and body fat, doing so where his body naturally matures with a good regiment of training and eating good. Then possiblities of a great fight could be more than likely secured. Penn has the technical capabilities to win, once the size/strength factor is reconciled. Hope he just doesn't rush to pick fights before he is ready. Would be Penn's technical capabilities/heart vs Silva's aggressiveness/heart least from my point of view.

Guess we will just wait and see what transpires, new things happening every day in the world of MMA!


Penn could possibly beat Silva...

i dont think bj would beat silva

so... when did bj actually say he wouldn't fight trigg because he wasn't good enough?... the only thing i've ever heard bj, himself, specifically say about fighting trigg was from a transcript of them both on the mma weekly radio show where bj mentions that they WOULD eventually end up fighting...

no sense in trying to convince someone who hates penn to try and like him... if he stated he wanted to fight someone of a lesser caliber, the haters would say he's lame for wanting an easy fight... say he wants to fight a top notch fighter, and the haters say he's arrogant, etc...

"BJ Penn: I will fight Trigg one day, but right now he is not the best. I would be doing him a favor to fight him, so why doesn’t he do me one and tell the UFC to put it on. If he wants it that bad. I’m trying to further my career as much as I can with each fight so why would I fight him in the Rumble when no one knows him. He says we can pay any fighter to put in our shows. If that’s true, why wouldn’t we get the best? Why not a bigger name and better fighter than Trigg."

correct. If Triggs want it that bad, he needs to get ufc to put the fight on.

I want to see Luiz Firmino vs Penn