People that bitch about UFC music

I really wanted to hate that ^^...but I kind of liked it. Catchy ass song. Who is that ?

God I hate modern metal... blast beats and completely unintelligible screaming really annoys me.

However, it was atleast true to itself.

The introduction of emo-pop lyrical breakdowns is just sad.

Im pissed off and gonna smite you with my broad sword... but wait... ladies i have a sensitive side... please dont leave me! Ill cry.


hip hop about some nice epic instrumental music. Why does it have to be a band? Think Pride, Showtime and HBO boxing. Something that evokes a mood of high-level competition, victory, and courage. Something that doesn't ostracize.

Quik via pwnage...

Pride had that epic feel to it, some hard, some techno. Much better and diverse music.

blue moon!!!!!

"I made the point that more than a few UG guys bitch about the music but can't intelligently offer something better"

I agree with half of SKARHEAD's point. Bitching about the music is pointless. If you want to hear your favorite kind of music, go to a music channel. If you want to hear your favorite music while watching MMA, turn on your stereo and turn down the volume on the TV. If it's not worth the effort to you to do this, then why come on here and complain about it?

Countdown. Hit the ground ...
Only one winner in the final round

Countdown. Knock him out.
Who'll be the last one standing?

Countdown. Hit the ground...
Only one winner and the legend is born.