People that bitch about UFC music

What exactly would you like to hear during UFC ? What would you find more appropriate ? What kind of music do you listen to ?

Everyone bitches but offers no suggestions for fear that everyone will make fun of their choice of music.

What would you suggest ? Hip Hop ? Country ? Classical ? Techno ? Some soft easy listening rock ? Some salsa ??

LOL @ the little whiny bitch w/ hurt feelings trying to exact revenge.

bsrispac = SELFOWNED

I'd come out to the itsy bitsy spider. If it was possible.

all that remains - this calling

look it up!

OK I can respect that. Probably would creep out your opponent.

What else ?

Well ? I hear all the criticsm and not ONE decent suggestion ??

LMAO typical UG

Why the fuck do WE the consumer have to make the suggestions ? We're paying them for their PPVs it's their fucking job to make a better product.

Tiny promotions like Shooto have fresher and more interesting productions

Polka-metal ala FINNTROLL.

"Why Can't We Be Friends" by war...

Or better yet, "Kung fu fighting" by Carl Douglas...

99 red balloons or Wake me up before you go go.

I was actually being serious, FINNTROLL rules.

A good entrance song would be Onyx - Slam, if you were all street and stuff.

Or any raging Rage Against the Machine song.

Naughty Gorilla I don't work for the UFC dumbass. I asked a simple question. I made the point that more than a few UG guys bitch about the music but can't intelligently offer something better.......and you PROVED my point.

Wolf Eyes

Imbed this summabish.

word son