Peoples Campion Promotor

Going on the criteria of the peoples fighting champ i just thought Justin would have to be the peoples promotons champ....

Just thought i would get in before Justin did.

On a serious note i wasn't at the recent XFC fights nore have i been to any and nore will i be going to any but i think its a real shame that buy the sounds of it there were some really good fighters and really good fights on the night and they have all been over shadowed with Justins and Bonellos crap.
Feel sorry for the guys who go out give their best and then get lost in all the "any publicity is good publicity" bushit that follows Justin and Tony.

Ps sorry about spelling in heading as i was trying to get kids into bed at the time, worked all night last night, have had stuff all sleep today and Dave wont share his drugs.

I have to disagree with

"good fighters and really good fights on the night and they have all been over shadowed with Justins and Bonellos crap."

Nobody has questioned the other guys fights or their skills and some now have o/s oppotunities. The only place this crap is being followed or discussed is on here by what maybe 100 or so people.

Just remember that Justin, Joe, Bonello and the XFC are all different things. They may be linked but a business must be a seperate entity to its owners/ directors.

Not if the business is getting a bad name due to its directors! And Justin just seems to perpetuate it!

Maybe he just shouldn't use this forum anymore.... wishing it were true.... I breath a sigh of relief!

And we are the 100 most important people in the game Subenemsteve.... didn't you know! ;)


TTT for the and I quote from the courier mail "Australia's Don KING" ;)


Thats the biggest load of crap i have ever heard (apart of what comes out of Justins mouth or fingers) a business has the same entity as its owner especially.

In the 2 Shoot fights in Melb i have taken between 8 to 10 people to each of these fights. If each of us 100 do that thats 800 to 1000 new fight fans (i know some of us aren't in QLD) that could go or not go.

Bet any promoter would love to tap into that number.

Ketas were you talking about me or the courier mail? Anyway here is a response if you feel I'm talking crap. Go read any book on Business Law or Accounting and you will find that a company is not only a seperate legal entity it is also a seperate financial entity to its owners. They are linked but not one and the same.

Of course the directors views/comments effect and influence the company but do you compalin about Ziggy when your ohone breaks?

I think the biggest load of crap is to come on a forum and create a thread saying that Justin/Bonello crap has undermined the other fighters acheivements. YOU are undermining their achievemnts with these sort of posts. We all know you, lots of Machado guys and others don't like Justin or what he says but have you noticed that the more you bite the more bait he drops?

Sorry steve i was talking about how a business is precived not the legal sence as i don't think anyone here gives to fucks about the legal view of XFC. I was saying Justin and his BS claims about Bonello take away alot of the focus on the rest of the fighters that fight on a XFC card and put up a great show.

When you say we all know you what exacly do you mean by this?

I will re-phrase mate

"We all know that you, along with lots of Machado...."

Didn't mean I know you personally, I like to stay on the sunny Gold Coast, you guys in jumpers yet down there?;)

I am just trying to point out that Justin is not the XFC(though he is part of it)

Where can I get some snake skin pants like Deweaver's?

Oh and I agree with Subenemsteve

No jumpers just yet but also no rain like up there although i think the farmers wish there was.

If you ask who is Visy most people will say Richard Pratt, if you ask who is PBL most people will say Kerry Paker, if you ask who is XFC most people will say Justin ect ect, thats what i was getting at. You right Kerry Paker pays fuck all tax as he is not PBL but most people think of PBL they think of Kerry...

True Keats but if Packer personally offended you would you go around saying PBL is bad, PBL licks balls etc or would you say Packer does?

Remember whenever you say XFC you are also reffering to Joe Sita, a nice guy that you have never met, spoken to or know anything about I assume.

Oh and the weather is a bit shabby today but yesterday was sunny, warm, the points were 5ft and it was breaking from Snapper to Kirra with lots of girlies on the beach. Oh and the beer(XXXX not those V.omit B.ombs) were icy cold when I got home ;)

VB is a good brew.


Sub when i say or hear XFC i am reffering to Justin as he seems to be more of the front man with the opinions and i dont know Joe so i'm not reffering to him.

I see where your coming from and i hope you see where i'm coming from as this could go around and around in circles for ages.

BTW i'm into Tassie beers and NZ beers. :)

the couriermail made bonnello looklike a sexual deviant, and justin as a don king wannabe. the reporter took the piss out of both......thats from the guys at work who are not into mma at all

cock push-ups?

How many cock pushups can you do?

So OSUMO you spent the day running around asking for opinion on the piece? Check the distribution of the courier mail and figure the math if that article helped us or hinderred us. By the way I am having dinner with the journalist who is considerring writing a book on BONELLO.

From memmory this was the first MMA piece ever written in the Courier Mail.