Per Sherdog: UFC 60 Garcia OUT!!!

Spencer Fisher now awaits new opponent:

Fisher can't catch a fucking break in the UFC.

Hell, Matt Wiman being considered a replacement. They are also mentioning KJ Noons, but I thought he was under contract with Pride. What has Buddy Clinton been up to, he'd be interesting.

Noons vs Fisher would be awesome.

they should put in noons. he has great hands and will suprise many people

agreed, I guess he is not under contract anymore.

Josh, of course this person spoke before knowing the facts, but no one told us the facts either, just reported he injured himself training, nothing more. Shit, look at Garcia's record, that's no fucking punk.

KJ Noons is the real deal...

LOL, i thought that said Gracie at first...i was about to lose it.

noons has great standup...and would make for a good addition and a great fight with fisher.

Sounds like UFC60 is just getting better and better.

Hermes should be available....just came off fight last weight...could be a good fight

Anyone with good stand up would make a great fight.  Spencer hits like a freight train and has awesome combinations (just ask Aaron Riley's chin)

Hermes is a good is Yves if he is ready....


CHRIS WILSON(fight4real)

What was the point of the Pride auditions? None of the 4 guys who won have fought in Pride yet.

kj noons

TTT for anybody lol

Franca would be a great replacement.

Noons is a legit fighter who can win.