Perfect Push-up ??

Has anyone used the perfect push-up handles they advertise on tv?

If so, what do you think? Better workout then regular push-ups? Is the workout that comes witht he handles pretty good?

Damn, I was hoping to see a little Victoris's Secret or something here. :( i want to see that too!

Sweet, this thread is improving. See now, that is much better than discussing an exercise!

If you really think that the "perfect push up"is something that may work for you,and something that you should try,than by all means I think you should spend whatever they are charging for it and good luck...

I hate you kungfugrip, it looks inviting. Can someone get past the hype and tell if they reduce stress on the joints?

you mean this?



or this?



ive seen it. I actually thought about the dynamics of punching and what could be done to simulate it. Cable work is good but this is a very practical device to develop all the twisting muscle groups to simulate a punch. Especially if they were done close together.

Well, mechanically speaking, the pec major also internally rotates the humerus so the Perfect Push-up does provide the potential for a slightly more functional push-up. Would be safer on sore wrists as well. Like anything though push-ups are inherently limited in their usefulness and one should ideally switch to another chest exercise before you plateau.

Dogg,that clip is hot but actually kind of gross too IMO...

i've been on the fence about these, i may just pick them up now.


voorhees you wouldn't say that to her face!


They look great

Dogg,no youre right I probably wouldnt...