Perth NHB tonight

Perth will be host to a NHB event tonight featuring fights between Paulo Guimaraes Purple Belt Wil Cunningham and the up and coming Mat Kuhn as well as a match between Paulo Guimaraes Blue Belt Marc Oakes and former national kick boxing champion Tom Burns. It will be a good step ahead for Perth No Rules fighting. The event is at the Criagie Leisure center on Whitfords ave from 7pm. Stay tuned for results.

Holy Cow!!

Go Wil!!

Hey guys,

Just interviewed Justin Boylan on 'nhblive'. Justin is the promoter of the MMA and Kickboxing Card being held tonight in Perth.

Venue - Craigie Leisure Centre, Whitfords Ave CRAIGIE.

Time - 7pm Doors Open. 7:30 First Fight.



SuperFeatherWeight - Aaron Ryan vs Troy Blackman.

HeavyWeight - Will Shoeton vs Rob Neuzerling.

SuperMiddleWeight - Keith Mitton vs Mat Mills.

MiddleWeight - Mat Evans vs Mick Ryan.

MiddleWeight - Jason Arto vs Hayden White.

CruiserWeight - Dan Bodnar vs Andrea Baker.

LightHeavyWeight - Jamie Guilfoyle vs Rob Powerdrill.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Heavyweight - Piotr Clements vs Andrew Legget.

CruiserWeight - John Giles vs Aaron Jemmings.

Mixed Martial Arts.

LightWeight - Tom Burns vs Mark Oaks.

MiddleWeight - Mat Kuhn vs Will Cunningham.

*Not fight order*

Justin explained that there were guys lining up to be on the card and the Ringside tickets are sold out already!!! Grandstand can be bought at the door for $25 each.

Should be a HUGE show. Best of luck to all fighters.

Gerald B-B.

ps. Thanks for the ticket Justin, much appreciated.

"ps. Thanks for the ticket Justin, much appreciated"

Hmmm... I hope that's not another cash for comment scandal waiting to happen ?


Good to see our sport making headway all over the country !


THIS IS BULLSHIT, WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED ABOUT SUCH AN EVENT, dammit i would have loved to have got a fight, hey justin boyland has aaron grainger not talked to u about me wanting to fight on one of your shows, oh wells i think i will stick to fighting in queensland.


Good luck to the boys from Roots. Is Paulo gonna be there?

Congrats to Paulo's team and 3 cheers for Sydney NHB fighters!!! (and BJJers :)

How did Poitr go?

Description of the fight please?


matt KUHN is from DAWSONS trains under Murray at Kalamundah.


I was hanging to see this fight knowing that both Mat and Will were of high calibre. Great fight and great finish for Will. Congrats to the organisers. ALL the fights were good and the fact that there were k/boxing, Bjj and MMA fights made it much more interesting.

Awesome night of fights!!!!

The Kuhn/CUnningham fight was fast and some viscious strikes from Mat Kuhn, had Will in trouble standing but it was all over once Will secured a tight arm-bar on the ground. Great debut fight from Will and I everybody walked away wanting more. Great exposure for the sport in Perth.

Big props to Justin Boylan, very professional show.

Look forward to the next one, would be great to see you on the card Cade.



ps. Piotr won by points, I didn't see the match as I was late though.

Thanks Gerald, I used to train under him so yeah - personal interest.

Justin, you got a blow by blow for me re: Poitr Clements please??