Pete Spratt: "Don't sleep on 'The Secret Weapon'"

How would you compare what the sport is now to what it was when you started out a few years back?

Man, the sport has just exploded into this media juggernaut. It’s been legitimized and everything has been done to make this a legit and respectable sport! So much has changed, but stayed the same! I love how the sport has grown and very proud to be considered as one of the second or third generation pioneers. Definitely I am considered a legend on the Texas mixed martial arts scene!

How do you feel about what you’ve been able to accomplish in the sport so far?

I am content with what I have accomplished thus far, but don’t sleep on “The Secret Weapon.” The best is yet to come with this 40 year old; I have a lot of goals and a lot of fight left in me!

What are your goals in the sport at this point in your career?

I would like to be the oldest fighter to get a shot back in the UFC and make an impact. I just need to make sure I get on the winning steak, stay healthy, and fight the best available!


 sleep on? don't worry if someone is on top of Spratt, it's more likely hes's the one going to sleep

 "The best is yet to come with this 40 year old"

Now now............

Spratt will always have his clipping of the young gun's wings with Lawler.

But never being able to develop a ground game hurt him.