Peterson vs Khan......Khan is a dirty fighter

Suspect another Wild Card fighter under Alex using PED.

If he is on something then Peterson must be on horse steroids cause he is a thousand times as ripped

watching his "explosion" and size of back over most recent fights.

Why is it that anytime a non black fighter gets bigger and ripped he is on something?

good fight!

 great fight

great fight

Sick of Khan's pushing and use of forearms/elbows.

good fight

 is that hopkins in the background dressed like a nerd ?

 lol nice.

goddammit. ah well, he paid for all the shoving

Look folks this thread was started prior to a warning or point deduction.

Justice was served.

Good the ref took away two points for the dirty tactics of Khan.

Was very disgusted when this thread was started.

Peterson proved what hard work, and persistence will accomplish.

Good job by Peterson's corner to motivate Peterson to fight the good fight.

Laughed at Khan post fight " I was th cleaner fighter, I foughtnthe cleaner fight."