Petr Yan vs Sean O'Malley UFC 280

Petr Yan is giving Sean O’Malley his big shot at UFC 280. The card is stacked and this fight is one of the most interesting on the card. Can O’Malley rise to the top of the ranks in the UFC’s bantamweight division. A division he’s been trying to crack his entire career in UFC.

Ranked right now at #12, he’s getting the chance to fight the #3 Yan. A former champion and a guy who is looking for another run at the title. If O’Malley can get past Yan, it’s a new day for Sugar Sean. If not he will simply realize his chances at UFC gold are diminishing.

In his way a great boxer, Petr Yan. One who packs serious power in most of his shots. O’Malley already has some regret, Marlon Vera. He’s looking to put that aside in this fight with a record of 15-1, 11 KO/TKO’s in his career so far, Sugar is a knockout artist. He’s creative, he’s fast and at 27 we are seeing the best O’Malley yet. The question is can he capitalize on the 16-3 Petr Yan. A man only 2 years his elder at 29 and a man who is ice cold. Yan is very unemotional meaning he’s not going to let emotion get in the way of what he wants.

Yan has faced some of the best like Jose Aldo and Aljamain Sterling. Let’s see what happens in this pivotal contest


Sean kinda surprised me by the way he been about this fight. I believed that Sean believed he was going to win this fight. But I just read a quote where he said “being the underdog lit an extra fire in me” and that sounds like extra barking. If I’m fighting Yan who is as good as it gets without a belt, I already know I’m the underdog. The odds aren’t in my favor in anyway which I why I’m gonna shock the world. Which is how he’s been from what I’ve seen. But after reading that from him, you can’t be ready to shock the world but mad that you’re an underdog. In some cases those reasons work to spite each other but that’s not what this is to me. Now it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself. That’s no bueno.

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Or maybe i misread him. Idk I feel Yan is going to manhandle him but he starts slow and Sean uses his reach well at distance. It’s interesting if nothing else.

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Fairly lopsided fight imo.

Too big a jump for skittles.


I think you’d be surprised

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Yan wins … O’Malley isn’t ready for his level

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Well, shows what i know. Good fight.

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It was too big a jump for skittles… you were right. He got beat up

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