PFL purchases Bellator confirmed

Source: Bellator twitter

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Where the fuck does PFL get their funding? They do not turn a profit, no fucking way.


Does this mean Bader is gonna get the Frank payday?

No clue who funds it, but they have some pretty big high profile investors like Alex Rodriguez, Marshawn Lynch, Wiz Khalifa, Ray Lewis etc. There has to be some sort of plus side if you’re behind a company that, at least from the outside looking in, can’t possibly be turning a profit.

Nobody, and i mean NOBODY, buys their ppvs. And outside of Francis who has yet to fight for them, they have zero stars.

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And now it makes sense when you read the headline…

“Saudi Arabia-backed” MMA League…

Now the Saudis need to covertly pay for the fighters suing the UFC to knock ‘em down a peg.

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Bellator and pfl have to be bleeding money. Good thing that Saudi overlord arab money runs deep.


Yeah, I love mma but the production, match making and marketing for these orgs is horrible.


Marketing is nonexistant.