PFL Reportedly in Discussions to Buy Bellator for AMA $500 M


For months now, it has been reported that Bellator was up for sale. With that, the future of the promotion was uncertain. Bellator president Scott Coker had even confirmed the PFL had reached out to talk about potentially buying the promotion.
“Listen, we’ve been out there. Bellator has been looking to take a partner. That’s really been Viacom that’s been handling that. So we’ll see where that nets out. We’ll probably have some clarity in the next 60 to 90 days,” Coker said back in June… “Is definitely in the conversation. There’s a couple conversations going on right now with Viacom and other companies. PFL is definitely one of them.
However, since then, there hasn’t been much word on PFL potentially buying Bellator. But, this week, it was revealed the PFL got over $100 million from SRJ Sports Investments, a company launched earlier this month by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund.

PFL could buy Bellator

With the PFL now having the support of Saudi Arabia, according to Front Office Sports, they are now back in discussions to buy Bellator for upwards of $500 million.

“Bellator is valued at as much as $500 million in the deal, and the transaction would be primarily in cash, with Paramount receiving some equity in PFL,” part of the report said. “The two sources cautioned the deal could fall through.”

If the PFL were to buy Bellator, it’s uncertain if it would be a total merger and how that would work. But, it would no doubt strengthen PFL as the second-best MMA organization behind the UFC and hopes to eventually close that gap.

As of right now, Bellator 300 is planned for October and no event is planned afterward.

How much does Coker get? 10% to the big guy?

Please god no do not let Bellator fall into the hands of PFL


That’s going to take a long time to get your money back.

Bad investment IMO.


I broke the story four months ago before anyone in the industry spoke of it. Many that said I was full of shit are now reporting on it as their own breaking news.



During those four months people like Ariel Helwani said there was “no truth” to what I was saying. He even introduced other parties that were never in the running to purchase Bellator. I continued to tell you it was PFL and no one else. Even then very people few listened to me.


500 million for what exactly?

A roster.

Maybe you should up the News Page ?


Can either of them really get any worse though?

Maybe for once 2 wrongs will somehow make a right :rofl:.

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I force myself to watch Bellator and they at least have a good roster. PFL is unwatchable though and I’ve tried many times. Please don’t find a way to make Bellator even more boring!

That was 4 months ago.You would get more credit if you mentioned it yesterday.

Easy on patting yourself on the back there Tiger.

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I have no problem giving you props when it is being reported by legitimate sources.

Right now it’s still not official to me, this is

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PFL is cool but yeah it is hard to watch consistently.

1 Like has been a legitimate MMA news site for years. It is one of the top ones


Is it? For some reason I’ve never thought of it that way. Not sure why

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