Phan vs Garcia II: The Wrong Form of Justice

Here's an article I wrote discussing why rematches shouldn't be used to right a wrong with examples of other instances in MMA where poor decisions were overturned.

It took me some time to put this one together so if you do read it'd be nice to hear your thoughts.

Or if I simply pissed you off by posting a link let me know, I dont want to be the next Mark Pavelich. 

Billy Butcher - Pretty good, but you never really address what the UFC is supposed to do in these situations. This isn't Costa Rica, the UFC has to abide by the rules of the states Athletic Commissions. A rematch is really the only thing they can do, at least until people like Kizer get their head out of their ass.

 Yea, I'm aware that its all that UFC can do. I'm not mad at them for makign the rematch, atleast theyre trying. I'm just saying that it's not the answer. The answer requires changes to be made at a higher level.


Until judging changes, the UFC has only one option: REMATCH.

It'd be nice to see some of the older generation of MMA guys get into judging... These boxing clowns are gonna ruin the sport.

I constantly have to explain to people that the UFC and Athletic commissions have NOTHING to do with each other. Hence, a bad decision has NOTHING to do with the UFC.