Pharmaceutical grade fish oil

Anyone take these on regular basis?


I have been taking some for about a month, but not much. I need to find out what a good quality brand is.
Previous to that I was taking flax seed regulary with good results.

It is interesting to note that even the FDA recently approved the use of omega-3's (eg fish oil) in it's effectiveness against CHD (coronary heart disease).

FDA Announces Qualified Health Claims for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

I'm using this Belgian stuff called OM3..

it's supposed to be the finest grade.

I personally feel better without it, maybe I should head with flaxseed oil. (i guess my body don't like fish stuff)

Makes your breath smell pretty bad :P

I think you have me confused with someone else.

udo's is great. it has a nice mix of omega3-6-9. Anyone know of a supplement that is strictly fish oil and what are the prices? Thanks

Only wild Alaskan salmon oil is used. I would say that I personally know this company and can assure you of its integrity, but since you don't personally know me it probably doesn't make a difference...

Yes, fish oil can stink up the breath!

While all omega-3 fats possess immune-boosting qualities, omega-3 fats from fish oil, EPA and DHA, are more biologically potent than omega-3 fat ALA, found in plant sources such as flax seeds.

Journal American College Nutrition December 2002

In fact, a recent study found that flax seed oil may actually increase prostate cancer while fish oil decreases it. (!)

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition July 2004 80(1);204-216

"Conclusions: Increased dietary intakes of ALA may increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer. In contrast, EPA and DHA intakes may reduce the risk of total and advanced prostate cancer."

It is best to consume ground flax seeds, not the oil
(which goes rancid quicker)


I never shot down fish oil, one of the few supps that work


stampy, thanks for the link. Much appreciated.

The biggest most over the top promoter of fish oil has to be Doctor Dave Woynarowski who sells it on his site along with other OTT products.

His e-mails are very interesting though & put up a good case for fish oils use although it can't help every affliction as he seems to suggest.

By far the most economical brand is Member's Mark, sold at Sam's Clubs.

It is pure, at least so far as is concerned.

Eh, I did, but it may have expired. I'll have to check.

Basically, they test a bunch of different brands of different supplements, and they tell you the ones that "pass," i.e., have the amount of ingredients the labels indicated and are free of toxins.

Unfortunately, they don't print the names of the brands that fail. Basically, they feel the legal mess it would get them in would distract too much from their testing. However, they usually test a broad array of products, and companies can specifically ask to be tested; they just can't submit the samples themselves.

All I know is that Member's Mark passed, like most other fish oil brans. (All but three they tested were OK.) And, certainly, it is the cheapst brand.