Phil Baroni: I'm going to fight my way back

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                                Phil Baroni: I'm going to fight my way back

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First Phone Post

War Baroni.

Everytime I see Phil fight I always hope and pray for a Dave Menne-esque ending.

TTT for Baroni.


1)  Please switch to decaf or purchase a new camera with some sort of ANTI-SHAKING FEATURE!!

2)  Please put the microphone SOMEWHERE IN THE VICINITY of the person that I actually want to hear. 

Thank you for your coperation... :)

best of luck to you phil

Good interview.  Love that he thanks Affliction for the jacket and it's versatility. 

Thank God he explained that Fonzerelli jacket of his... Phone Post

Baroni really seems like good people.

All the best, Phil!

I believe him, yo. I dunno why, but I do

Im fighting in March and ill fight my way back and be a contender again

 ttt for NYBA


PhilBaroni - Im fighting in March and ill fight my way back and be a contender again

 Who and what org? 

You've got the fire again Phil, I expect big things out of you in 2011 - THE YEAR OF THE BAD ASS!!

Also, you have the gift of gab and would be a great broadcaster ($$).  Please don't push it to far and fuck yourself up.  You've been in some real wars, keep a good watch on the noodle.  (No, the other one...)

War Baroni!!!!

Damn, Baroni actually seems like a nice guy in that video which is a far cry from the guy that I use to see in Vegas seven or eight years ago. Hopefully he has found some humility in life and everything works out well for him.

why dont u fight yur way to 3 wins in a row first?

 Everybody grows up and goes thru stages..MMA is still young..

You also  gotta remember..unlike other pro sports..back in the day... MMA guys didnt have good PR people..and image people...reps etc... these guys were struggling...almost any press was good press.. 

I mean I think he's great..but look back at  how Tito Ortiz used to speak -act back in the early UFC years...he and dozens of others are  prob nice guys too I  imagine...

I thought I saw Randy Couture walk out of the ring for the last time after his fight with Barnett. Anyone remember what happened after that? Anythign can happen. Good luck to Phil, but didn't he say this already?