Phil Baroni in UFC soon?

Go watch the Neer-Diaz pre-fight interview of At the very end they show Phil and he says "Are you looking for a fight? Go watch my fights on ufc on demand". Also under him it says "Phil Baroni-THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER 4"

I have 2 theories on that

  1. during the first episode of TUF 4, Dana White said St.Pierre, couture, and a host of others will be training the fighters. So maybe Baroni is one of those trainers.


  1. Maybe there is an injury to an 185 pounder and Baroni is the replacement.

These are both speculation on my part

Website glitch

Beth's giving us the "double swerve".....

..... tricky, imo.

"2. Maybe there is an injury to an 185 pounder and Baroni is the replacement."

LMMFAO. That will never happen.

Baroni who knocked out Minowa, Chonan, Dave Menne and Yuki Kondo to be a REPLACEMENT for a 185 lb TUF fighter?


Agreed, but how cool would that be.



someone fucked up and posted it early???

i take #2

Maybe he is a trainer or maybe they are gonna try to get him to fight in the main event of the season 4 final ala Shamrock/Franklin. But there is no way he could be a TUF replacement. IMO he has been on here posting during the time TUF was filmed, so I think you can forget about him being a replacement.


so is Phil no longer with Pride?

dont make much sense, him promoting an org that he dosent fight in anymore

i think UFC slipped up and Phil will be back in the octagon real soon

ME TOO!!!!!!!!111111