Phil, Listen up!

You are a warrior, you talk the smack and you fight hard to back it up. Your fighting career is pretty much over, no title is in your grasp, your health is now a concern if you keep fighting so what are you going to do now to earn a living? You don't want to go back to driving that crappy car so here is what you do!

Phil has balls (bad choice of words after ripping his groin) Phil isn't afraid to stir up controversy and isn't afraid to take people on so Phil put's the fighting behind him and heads a fighters union. Seriously, these fighters need some help, insurance, proper payday's, revenue sharing, etc. Phil could be the Jimmy Hoffa of MMA! Sure he will need some help doing this but take a stand and do this for the fighters and the sport. The fighters need someone to do this and seriously, Phil can be the one.

yah, I don't think Phil should be doing any kind of job that requires anything more than muscles and roid-rage.

I said sure he needs help in doing this, he can't be the brains of the operation but something like this needs a big name fighter involved, someone who isn't afraid to push the envelope!