Pickups are great!

Suki nage, Te garuma, Uranage, Morote gari, Kata garuma, single leg, as well as moves that lead into them like arm drags and high crotches.

Well, I dont get them all that often but at least I try and its added a whole new dimension to my judo and improved my game confidence. They're also real good for "gi=less" judo attacks. Try 'em, you'll like 'em!

Mike =)

I dig them as well. Especially uranage and teguruma. I love making people pay for attempting weak uchimatas, seoinages, or harai goshis.

As an osoto-gari man, I have to say that I hate te-garuma with a deep and abiding passion.

lol at scythrop :)

actually you should thank us.. for motivating you to improve your throw :)