Pics-CageFuryIIIWeigh-ins Tito&Jen

Couldn't make the show because I was closing/settlement on my house that day.  The weigh-ins were at the 40/40 Club in AC which is a nice spot......These are late but oh well....

Tito is still the man and very humble.  Took pics with everyone and signed autogrpahs..

I had to.....

Og and i defintely had to do this!  (crop & cut)!  Tito dont kill me!


Lauzons were very cool.....very late :)

Tito and FElix Matinez (left)




Quik my email to you was next!!!! 

Hope you like!!

Stuff has been hectic with the hosue and stuff....


jesus, does joe lauzon TRY to look like a serial killer in every pic?

nice pictures.

No one in mma, and i mean NO ONE, has a more terrifying stare down than Joe Lauzon! he would make wandy stare at floor till the first bell rang.

good stuff arias.

dear lord piratejax i didnt notice the head gauge. (i noticed jenna)

thank you jesus. someone takes a picture with a fighter and dosen't hold up a fucking fist. THANK YOU!!!


tito gave me shit for ther shirt but it was all in good fun.....

Malachy it was good talking to you bro..


I was going to hold the fist up but then i thought.........GAYYYYYYYY

You should have fisted Jenna

AGJ, yes it's gay, but it's mandatory none the less. tradition bro !! Either that or the infamous'hang loose" gesture is OK too. NOTHING ELSE.

thanx Cindy

lol SKAR....I must admit my earlier years, i did the "FIST"