Pics: Einemo training in Oslo

Got to shoot some photos of Einemo when he was training in Oslo at Frontline Academy this Christmas.

That link didnt come out very well. Anyone know how to fix it?

John Olav Einemo by simenkjellin

 seems like a cool guy; every interview i've seen he's always laughing.



 There you go :) plus some pics of his training.

 great work team.  high fives everyone in the thread

Thank you guys for saving the thread.

Einemo is always friendly with everyone. Cool guy and funny to be around.

Highfives everyone back!

 classy guy

 he should be an extra on Game of Thrones

Great photos. I linked them to our website.

NorthFromHere - Great photos. I linked them to our website.

Thanks, i really appreciate it!

I hope he does well. I'll be cheering for him!

(Skulle ønske han hadde hatt samme muligheter i starten av karriæren som utøvere i land der sporten faktisk er tillatt)

Hope there's still room on the Sweden card to squeeze him in there if possible. It's just 2,5 months after Russow, but at his age JOE should be active when he is finally in the UFC.