pics of Rampage on set

first pics of the new A-Team, and Rampage looks like a homeless person.

he was during the pride years so this could be the best rampage we ever see

The FUCK you lookin' at, CRACKA!


Why is he icing? Is he doing stunts too?

 Who's the rest of the cast?

LiveWire -  Who's the rest of the cast?

Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel. It's actually a pretty good cast and I'm willing to bet that Rampage is going to be surprised with the little screen time he gets. I bet he doesn't end up with 25 lines in the whole movie.

^^stop hatin fag

It's all wronggg

I predict a long career actually, he has the it factor

Rampage put his number on Sherdog a few years back. I called him right after the second Silva fight (like he must have been in the hospital at the time), he picked up and talked for a while.

Guy is as real as it gets. I wouldn't let him coach me :) but he is still the fucking man. I can't see hating on him for this.

why is one sleeve longer than the other?

No mohawk is sac relig.