Pics Tito's CM

(Sorry couldn't link directly to the individual pics).  Pretty cool pics. The hands are open and on forehead or top of head.


If that was CM than he made a big mistake letting chuck get off like 15 punchs without clinching or throwing back.

cool except for the backing straight up part,the lack of head movement part and the you punch me 15x's and then it's my turn part (which didn't go so well). Probably not textbook CM............

"Probably not textbook CM"

Yeah. lol.

More like peek a boo then CM

Tito's stance was more square and his hands were higher up than normal. I don't think he lasts past the first round without CM. Unfortunately he didn't do "textbook" CM in round two ;). Did you look at the pics?

I have not seen the fight yet, but based on the pics I have seen I really do not htink it is fair to call what he is doing crazy monkey.

U guys are too critical. Tito certainly demo. some Crazy Monkey but YES...he couldn't do shit cause CHUCK was at the top of his game that nite.

See my post on the other Tito thread. My analysis is this: Crazy Monkey, BUT practiced alot with boxing gloves on. Rodney adresses this in some of his tapes, and it is somewhat commonsensical: the extra bulk of boxing gloves leads to overly wide gaps with vale tudo gloves/empty hands.

John Frankl

I like Chuck Lidell but could his punches have been any sloppier. In some of those pics it looks like he came running from the other side of the octagon.

chuck's punches have never looked overly sharp, they are always loopy but they work for him somehow.

Chuck's punches against Tito were much sharper than any of his other fights. He didn't really throw the looping shots which got him into trouble against Couture and Jackson. Plus like Adam said, Tito didn't counter by striking, clinching or shooting.