Pinched nerve upper back..... Trust a chiro??

 Well i did something weird to my upper back about a week and a half ago.   Noticed it on sunday after a hard day of training saturday.  Felt like a kink in my upper back btwn my shoulder blade and spine.   I ignored it thinking the kink would go away.  Well it didnt and i started to notice a pain shooting down my left arm same side as the injury.  Also the muscles on that side will twitch.   

I decided to go to a chiro, i have been 3 visits, he says the rib head in the back has been pulled out or something causing it.   Ive given this fool 200 bucks and no noticed improvement.  I went to get an xray and nothing was seen they recommended rest and if any further problems i get mri and catskan at a specialist which is alot of money.

At this point im going to try another chiro and let him look at the xrays and hope for the best.  Im not training and its the fact that im unsure how to repair this or if it will repair at all that scares me.   I thought maybe my UG/OG brethren could help me out.

Stick with chiro?  or shell out the bucks for a regular doctor.

Im starting to get a little numbness now after a week and a half

Had something similar. Went to neurologist, got an mri and got to the cause, some disks were bulging and i had a severe pinch that stretched across my pecs. Did myofascial release in PT and they recommended adjustment of exercises in my routine. I use the foam roller and all the other exercises and I have been pain free for some time. I would get it checked to see what it is exactly and what is doing this and where it is coming from then you can come up with a plan of action.

do you guys not have physios down there? i dont get it all of you just race to the chiro for any little thing. remember the guy who invented chiro treatments claimed he cured someones deafness by adjusting their spine.

 yeah and at the same time you can go to a physio or a doctor who will tell you to start taking pain killers or pain killer injections -___-

NOT A TROLL swear to god, but I used to have this issue often, nerve pain most times are cause by tense muscle forcing the nerve out of alignment numbness and tingling a very common and "normal" symptoms of this, when I get this it is almost exactly how you describe numbness down one side, and shooting pain, also somtimes it seems to go right through my body and end at my pec and it blows. Also seeing how it usually means your trapezius or lats are super tight, they are also incredibly hard to get to relax, the best way I found to get rid of it was go for a very slow run and increase the pace just until the point where your tiring yourself the point being you dont want to beast yourself you just want your muscles loose and relaxed and blood flowing, your blood gets going the swaying of your shoulder helps those back muscles loosen up and promote blood flow, and the pain receeds somtimes completely "for me", then when I get home I immediately apply a very large ice packs to the entire area the was swollen to help reduce the chances of my muscles becoming inflammed and inlarged again. another things to try after a work-out is a contract shower, 10 minute shower after your workk-out and swtich the water between hot and ice cold for 10 minutes, 1 minute for each temp. it heelps stimulae blood flow and reduce the risk of your muscles becomming inflammed and enlarged.

I notice I get this from a couple things, overtraining, not doing a really good cool-down at the end of a session, irregular sleep. hope this helps