"Pinky went into Koscheck eye" - Greg (sherdog)

Greg Savage on the savage dog show said that "For people who think he was faking. The PINKY went into Koscheck eye"

Can anyone confirm this if this was true?

I think it was AJ's thumb and not his pinky. I made these GIFs off the ufc.106.ppv.cd2.hdtv.xvid-kyr release.


Blue namer please. 0:20:45 of CD2.

Just upped the vid:

If Savage says it.....take it to the bank.



for Propel


If it was the pinky, it looks like it would have been the one after the knee?

Thanks, ShaqNoob.

fuck all this pinky, thumb shit........

that gif shows EXACTLY WHY without knees to the head of a grounded opponent the Unfied Rules are barely even MMA!!!!!

frostbyte - all these rumble fans bitching just ned to stfu.

first off rumble got caught for a strike that could have ended in dq. kos's eye got poked on knee attempt and you could see he could not open it properly.

he took 5 mins that is alloted for shit like this.

rumble is not top 5 in ufc ww. gsp, fitch, alves, paulo, and kos in that order.

take some of your own advice and stfu .. coming from a kos fan here.